The present & the future

Over the course of my career I've witnessed the power of sports to change lives. Sports opened my life to life-defining experiences and opportunities. Unfortunately in India, sports (minus cricket) has never been seen as a source of opportunity and success. This mindset must change.

I am convinced that sports will be the future in India and we need to work hard to secure a future for sports in India. There is no shortage of talent in this nation. What is horribly lacking is the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the support structures that are necessary to nurture and develop world class talent.

To that effect, my mid to long term goals in the next five years is to develop and establish training structures. While my personal expertise is in squash, I want my work to cut across several sports and use it to open up people's minds to make them aware of the possibilities through sports.

Here are some things that I am currently involved in and looking to develop:

  • Squash Coaching - Upgrading existing systems in training as well as creating a solid structure, especially for junior players in the country. In addition, I am also trying to facilitate proper training bases so that the best players in the country can train hassle free and don't have to base themselves overseas, as well as counsel budding players and their parents on what it takes to be a professional athlete.
  • School Sports Development - Setting up and fine tuning school sports programs to guarantee that every student enjoys playing sport at their own level and learn valuable life lessons through sport, which cannot be taught in the classroom.
  • International Sporting events - Organising world class sporting events that draw top international athletes. We need a lot more top sporting events in India as it's extremely important for our athletes to get exposure required to compete with the best.